Other Ranch Activities

If horseback riding isn’t your thing, or if you are a looking for something to keep you busy while you aren’t in the saddle, we have plenty of activities at our Jackson Hole resort ranch to keep you busy! We try to have a mixture of organized activities and less structured opportunities to ensure you have a great vacation.  Our resort ranch is a great fit for multiply generations and family reunions.

Organized Activities

Every day we will have several activities that you can choose to participate in. Some examples of the activities we offer are target shooting with .22 rifles or BB guns, Skeet Shooting,  Geo-caching, hatchet throwing, archery, horse games, trail rides, team penning, and roping practice. We even offer the prospect of old-timey western photos. At night you can join in as we sit around the campfire, enjoy mountain man and cowboy stories, listen to authentic western entertainment, play a hand of poke, sunset UTV ride, or take part in our line dancing.


We also want to ensure that you are free to explore the astonishing area around our Jackson Hole resort guest ranch by giving you the opportunity to explore it for yourself. We have recently purchased Polaris Rangers which are available for you to take out at your leisure. There is no additional cost for the rental of the Rangers when used during your standard package time, and one will be waiting for you at your cabin upon arrival.  You only pay for the Fuel you use.

With the Polaris UTV Rangers you are free to explore the valley, set up shuttles for tubing the river, spend the day going from one fishing hole to another, or to take a canoe to nearby Soda Lake.

We also have mountain bikes available for use all over the valley. There are many trails great for mountain biking.  We have bikes and helmets available free for your use.

Hiking is another great option for the adventurous.

If exploring sounds more like work, you can always relax by our heated pool, sauna, and hot tub or read a book in a lounge chair by our stocked pond. As the day winds down there are magnificent sunset photo opportunities. When the sun finally sets you will get an unbelievable opportunity to stargaze with almost no light pollution.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is excellent in the Bridger-Teton National Forest and Gros Ventre Valley area, with one of the largest fish populations in the country. The Gros Ventre River is home to the native cutthroat trout, this river runs through the meadows of our historic Goosewing Ranch. If you love to fish in a peaceful and remote location, Wyoming is the place for you.

For those who are interested in fly-fishing for the first time, or wish to improve knowledge and skills of the sport, we offer fly-fishing instruction by request on our stocked pond. We have equipment available for those guests who would like to participate in this activity.  We also have float rafts, fly rods, spinner rods, flies, lures and additional fishing equipment available at the ranch for guests to use.

If fishing away from the ranch, a fishing license is required and costs $14 per day (this permit can be purchased at the ranch).

River and Water Activities

The Gros Ventre River can provide great fun for those that enjoy water sports.  We have inner tubes available for our guests to use to float the river.  Start at the ranch and end at the bridge just two miles down river.  This is best enjoyed in July and August, and for children 8 and up.  This is not guided and floaters need to know how to swim.  Those loving to sunbath can take the float tubes or the canoe to some of the local lakes and relax under the sun.  If the river is to cold or wild for your sense of adventure the enjoy our heated swimming pool, hot tub and sauna.