Goosewing Reviews

***Amy-  I am back at work now but every time I think of our trip to Goosewing, the baggage clears from my mind, I relax and a smile usually comes to my face.  I enjoy any chance to be outdoors so I can truly say that I have had no better vacation than we had at Goosewing.  What an amazing stay that was!  I thoroughly enjoyed the fly fishing and we also certainly enjoyed the rides.  The rides were the right length for us and the views were magnificent. Katie was super to us!  As a matter of fact, all of your staff was very accommodating and flexible with us and that certainly made our trip all the more easy and enjoyable.  Tell Francois that I am especially appreciative of his interest and guidance concerning our fly fishing.  Bundy really enjoyed the ability to either relax when she wanted to or to be part of all the activities that were going on.  We felt no pressure to participate in an activity (or not to for that matter) and that was good.  My only disappointment was that we just didn’t have time to take in all that was going on!

When we are with the Galloways, our traveling companions, we have many conversations about how much we enjoyed the ranch.  Please let your staff, and Katie in particular, know how much we enjoyed our stay.  Who knows, maybe again sometimes?

Winston, 2013

***Dear Amy and all at Goosewing

 We had such a great time and hope we’ll get to return someday.  Thanks to all of you at Goosewing for giving us the best holiday ever!  I did a 5* review on tripadvisor and we’ll spread the word about you wherever we can.
I am attaching a nice photo I took on the last day down at the tack room.
all the best from Anna, Chris, Kate, Laurie and Rob
2013 summer and Bitton guests