**Please contact us directly for details regarding pack trips, as these options and availability are limited.

Jackson Hole Wilderness Pack Trips

2018 Jackson Hole Pack Trips:  June 17 until August 31

Pack trips can be added to the beginning or end of any ranch vacation package, with the expectation of availability.  A five or nine night package at Goosewing Ranch can be inclusive of a Pack Trip.  Pack Trips are exclusive to these packages, and must be prearranged when making a reservation. There are no five or nine night packages exclusively on the ranch. Ask about adding an additional night in downtown Jackson to the beginning or end of your package.  Pack trips and the night in Jackson are sub-contracted.

Pack Trip Descriptions

A 2 day/1 night pack trip is included in the price of the 5 night pack trip package: This adventure will start with a check in at the Base Camp on either Saturday or Tuesday morning (about 9:30 am).  You will prepare for your adventure by being fitted to your horse and saddle and given a short riding lesson.  Then depart on your two day, one night pack trip from the Crystal Creek Trail head.  Heading up Crystal Creek, you will spend one night at camp, high in the mountain, then a full day of riding through Tepee Creek, and West Goosewing creek.   Returning to the ranch on the next afternoon for a relaxing evening and spend the next four nights at Goosewing Ranch.   The 5 night pack trip packages either run Saturday – Thursday, or Tuesday – Sunday.

A three day/two night pack trip is included in our 9 night pack trip package:  Checking into the base camp on Friday about 9:30am.  Being fitted to horse and saddle and given a short riding lesson.  Then you depart on a full day of riding up Crystal Creek, night camping at the Tepee Creek camp high in the mountains, then a full day of riding following Bear cabin creek, 2nd night at Jagg Creek camp, last day of riding down Goosewing Canyon, returning to the ranch on Sunday afternoon.  The next seven nights are spent relaxing by the pool and spa, and participating in our resort ranch activities.  The 9 night pack trip packages run Friday – the following Sunday. 

Progressive Trips: Longer pack trips can also be arranged.

Camp Accommodations and Packing

We offer custom western pack trips to groups and families of 2-13 individuals in the Gros Ventre Wilderness of Jackson Hole, WY.   This location allows access to some of the most scenic areas in the Western United States.  The landscapes are big, open and spectacular with pristine mountain streams, panoramic views. pine trees, wide basins, steep canyons, lush mountain meadows and an abundance of wildlife.

Overnight pack trips are the best way to experience the breath taking beauty of the undisturbed majestic back country.  The camps provide comfortable wall tents, cots, sleeping bags, privy, and hearty home cooked meals.  No skill or experience is required;  only a spirit of adventure and a love of the outdoors.  With our dependable, gentle mountain horses and expert instruction, even beginners feel comfortable in the saddle.  We match you to a horse that suits your riding ability,  and the length of your trip to your comfort level.  All you have to bring is your personals, camera and a sense of adventure!  We suggest packing warm clothing such as stocking caps, wool socks, sweat pants for sleeping, gloves, jackets, and also rain gear.  Camp includes canvas wall tents, with cots, sleeping bags, and camp gear, along with a privy.  All meals will be prepared for you while at camp.  Meals are hearty and home cooked fresh at camp.  Dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advanced notice.  Don’t forget personal items and camera with extra batteries.

Pack Trip Policies

Pack trips will go out in sunshine, snow or rain depending on trail conditions.  There is no refund on pack trips cancelled within 60 days of departure.  If inclement weather persists then you will stay at the base camp cabin instead of the wilderness camp, and do riding out of there for the day. If you decide this is not what you wanted all alternative accommodations are extra and not guaranteed or included in this package.  Minimum of two participants, max 13 per trip.
We highly recommend pack trip participants be in good physical health and able to withstand full days of riding and activity.   Suggested age range is between 8 and 65 years of age.  Children must be able to control their own horses and follow instructions. Pack trip packages run from June 16 until August 31 for the 2017 summer season.  These are progressive trips departing from a base camp in the lower Gros Ventre Valley and ending at the Goosewing Ranch in the upper Gros Ventre Valley.  Package subject to change.