Goosewing Ranch

Phone:  (307) 733-5251

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Experienced riders, or first-time... there is a horse for you.

One of the many things that makes the Goosewing special is our riding program. Our team works hard to make your dreams a reality.

Your Vision

... is what drives our itinerary. From high vista trail rides to arena work, what does your ideal ride look like?

Beginner to intermediate

Our horses know how to take care of their riders.

Enjoy a walk ride through the National Forest OR mess around in the arena.

Our wranglers provide instruction throughout your stay. Leave more confident in the saddle.

experienced riders

Boy is this the place for you.

Upon completion of our lope test, you are able to join our adventure rides.

Lope on a high plateau or take your horse swimming... the sky is the limit.

horse safety

The Goosewing Ranch is a proud member of the Dude Ranch Foundation. The DRF assists ranches in managing the safety of clients while on horseback. The Goosewing's staff is current in first-aid and CPR as well as completion of the DRF course. The ranch itself has prided itself on passing the evaluation year-over-year.

We take safety seriously.

Riding Program

Ages 6+


Each rider is assigned their own horse for the week.

Our head wrangler matches horse and rider based on ability, pyhscial fitness, height and weight.

riding schedule

Rides go out Monday - Friday.

You can choose from 2, 4, and 6 hour rides.

types of ridING

Trail rides to fit your riding ability:
walk, trot and lope.

Riding instruction/lessons available in the arena or on the trail.

riding/lope test

To join a lope ride, all riders must pass the riding test.

Riding tests are administered by a wrangler in the arena.

ride structure

Each ride is limited to 6 or 7 horses per wrangler.

We also offer..

- Swim rides
- Bareback rides
- Cattle work
- Arena games
- Breakfast rides

Riding Policies

Equine Specific Policies

·       There is no horseback riding on your arrival or departure days.

·       The weight limits for novice riders is 250lbs.  The weight limit for advanced riders is 270lbs.  Some trails or faster rides may be restricted if at or over the weight limit. 

·       Any rider expecting to advanced riding such as loping, horseback swimming, bareback riding, or other must first pass an advanced rider test.  Riders ar passed at the discretion of Goosewing Ranch authorized staff.

·       Novice riders may not be allowed the opportunity to attempt the advanced rider test.

·       Trail rides are restricted to those at least 6 years of age.  Hand lead rides around the ranch area are available to those at least 3 years of age.  These “pony rides” are not offered daily.

·       Wranglers discretion is final regarding riding ability, horse choice, trail conditions.  Wranglers may not authorize all riders to participate if they feel it is unsafe.

·       Attire should be sturdy and long pants, layers, and a shoe/boot with good structure, fully enclosed and a small heel.

·       Helmets are optional and available upon request.

·       No smoking or vaping at tack room, around livestock areas, while riding.

·       We request that all riders use the mounting block to get on their horses whenever possible.

·       No shoulder or back packs while riding.  Pommel bags are provided for personal items.

·       Stampede straps are required for all cowboy style hats.

·       Groups will need to ride at the level of the least experienced rider.

·       No double riding allowed.

·       No alcohol on trail ride or while participating in equine activities.

·       Guardians are required to go on the first ride with children under 16 years of age.

·       Fire arms are not permitted on horseback rides.

·       Horses are matched to guests based on the listed riders ability and body build.  We are not able to accommodate all specific requests for horse type.

·       Different horses may be used for different types of riding.

·       Other restrictions may apply


·       We reserve the right to change horses, trails, programs due to weather conditions, staffing, horse health, and for unforeseen circumstances.

All riding activities are subject to wrangler discretion and weather.