2021 Specials

We are currently accepting reservations for the 2021 summer season. June 2 – September 19, 2021. Please contact us today for more details and availability. 1-888-733-5251, [email protected]

Turn your social distancing into a scenic adventure.

While these are particularly challenging times for everyone, it also gives Goosewing Ranch the opportunity to cater to every one of our guests in a beautiful secluded area.  This allows us to better focus on creating individual memories for your family, all while providing you a safe environment to explore.

After months of seeing the same surroundings and doing your part to protect yourself and your family, take this time to reward yourselves and step into the most beautiful backdrop to create lifelong memories. Step into the settings of the wild west.

Your adventure starts with about an hour drive through some of the most beautiful and diverse country you can imagine.  The road offers a variety of tree lined creek crossings, to red hills, to beautiful, secluded lakes. The inhabitants you come across won’t be wearing face masks, they will be herds of wildlife watching you enter their territory. Herds of pronghorn, an occasional Moose with a calf, Bald Eagles, and Chiselers (a groundhog like animal the seem to patrol the roads in the area. Their tails are like flags as they dart across the terrain). If you have sharp eyes, you can spot a Big Horn Sheep.

Upon arrival at Goosewing you will be escorted to become familiar with the ranch. Our large lodge allows for social distancing. All our guest will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of their surroundings while not being crowded into a confined space. Views from the lodge include a pasture of horses relaxing and grazing on the green grass. Looking across the river into the wilderness. Ranchers pushing cattle down the road to summer grazing.

Our staff will focus on your needs and desires. Trail rides will be more focused on you wishes and your riding ability. What better way to social distance than on horseback?   You will have greater opportunities and time for our added activities, shooting, archery, hatchet throwing and fly-fishing instructions. More turns and individual instruction on the ranges, less waiting time.

This is such an amazing time to be on the ranch and experience the wonders of this private area. The staff at Goosewing Ranch is dedicated to making your vacation a memorable and once in a lifetime experience. We are all as concerned about these times as you are. But we also recognize that this is a time for us to shine, to cater to our guest.

We will be taking all practical precautions to keep all our guests and staff safe, while helping you create memories through authentic experiences.

We look forward to sharing Goosewing Ranch with you and your family.

1-888-733-5251, 1-307-840-9695, [email protected]

Contact us today for details on available packages.  1-888-733-5251, [email protected]

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