Goosewing Ranch

Why Wyoming?

Wyoming tends to fly low on the radar when it comes to vacations. However, there are several gems that make this state stand out. In the northwestern corner lie Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park, which attract tourists in the summer and avid skiers and snowboarders in the winter. As a result of these famous spots, Jackson Hole has flourished.

Wyoming has a low population, clocking in at just over 580,000 people (as of 2014), but the national parks draw a big crowd to Jackson and the Greater Yellowstone area. Yellowstone alone entices about 4 million people per year; the heaviest concentration falls between May and September.

Just recently the Wyoming Office of Tourism launched a new slogan, “That’s WY.” Focused on bringing up tourism percentages, the slogan highlights all the beautiful, rugged, and wild things Wyoming has to offer.

Brian Ganther, the group creative director at BVK—the Milwaukee ad agency that created the campaign—says, “Wyoming takes Western culture and kicks it up a notch… You aren’t going there for an urban experience, although there is a growing amount of good food, music and culture.”

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The hashtag has come alive on Twitter and Instagram, with a steady stream of pictures posted online that showcase the adventurous side of Wyoming. Whatever image comes into someone’s head about Wyoming, this new campaign is solidifying a positive perception.

Goosewing Ranch, located northeast of Jackson Hole, provides a perfect slice of Wyoming that is hard to replicate, and not often seen by visitors of the area.

Aside from being close to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the ranch sits on the Bridger Teton National Forest and is the perfect entry point into the Gros Ventre Wilderness. (True to its name, the wilderness has remained untouched by all motorized vehicles – accessible only by foot or horseback.)

So if you ask us why you should pick Wyoming, or why you should pick Jackson Hole as your vacation destination, just take a look at this piece of country that is still truly wild. Not many people get to experience our isolated paradise. That’s why.

Great people sharing a common passion

Goosewing Ranch is excited to be involved with the Dude Ranchers Association, or the DRA.  We recently returned from the DRA convention in Cody– where we met and mingled with fellow “dude ranchers”.

The DRA has been around since 1926.  Being a part of such a great organization brings us pride.  To become a member – the ranch must go through a two year inspection and approval process.  All DRA ranch members are required to represent the highest quality of western hospitality, while ensuring that all guests have a wonderful western ranch experience.  DRA ranches are also kept to the highest safety standards.

It was nice to get off the ranch and enjoy Cody Wyoming in January.  We enjoyed the company of our fellow ranchers – and shared knowledge of the industry, and of course good cheer!  We visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, the DRA headquarters at the Heritage Center, and other historic hotels.  Cody Wyoming is a wonderful place… It is full of history, great hospitality, and located just outside the East entrance of Yellowstone National Park.   From wild mustangs to big horn sheep – Cody also has amazing opportunities for viewing wildlife.

Throughout the convention we enjoyed guest speakers from all around.  Some spoke about horse safety, and how to better prepare our wranglers for the summer, others about marketing and the latest trends.  We also meet with different venders that all have our guests’ best interest in mind.  They shared information on products such as cozy towels and linens, belt buckles and  souvenirs, as well as travel insurance.  (Look for our next blog on travel insurance).

The core principles of the Dude Ranchers Association are the “6 H’s”: Horses, Hats, Hospitality, Heritage, Honesty, and Heart.  Each one of the previous words beginning with “H” represent what dude and guest ranches are about.  Though our guests’ expectations have changed over the years, and we have evolved with them, the core principles of dude ranching remain the same.

We hope that with Goosewing Ranch being a part of this great association we can provide our guests with the best possible experience.  Remember dude ranches aren’t only about horses and rustic cabins; they offer many adventurous outdoor activities, classic culinary experiences, and modern amenities.  Come and let us share with you our passion for horses, hats, hospitality, and adventure, all while making lasting memories.

Come share this corner of North America’s wildest country with us! At Goosewing Ranch, we combine the Wyoming wilderness ranching lifestyle with many of the modern refinements in life. It’s sure to be an amazing, memorable “Dude Ranch” vacation here in amazing Jackson Hole!