Goosewing Ranch

Phone:  (307) 733-5251

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

General Ranch Activity Policies

  • There are no afternoon activities on your arrival or departure days.
  • Early and late season packages don’t include special rides, additional activities, kids’ programs.
  • All activities are subject to change due to weather, staffing, group dynamics, or other reasons.
  • Fly fishing rods are available for those 16 and over, spinner rods are available for younger children.
  • Skeet shooting with 12- or 20-gauge shotguns, require that shooters are a minimum of 16 years old. Shooters are required to wear protective eyeglasses and ear protection.
  • Drivers for the Polaris Ranger UTVs must possess a valid driver’s license. Drivers and passengers should wear DOT approved helmets (provided) and wear seat belts.
  • There are no lifeguards on duty for lakes, river adventures, hot tubs, or other.
  • Children are the full responsibility of their guardians throughout their entire stay.
  • We reserve the right to revoke privileges for use of the Polaris Ranger UTV to those abusing machines, not following speed limits, driving in a manner that can damage machine or cause harm to themselves or others.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a guest’s participation in any activity or event due to participant intoxication, not following staff instructions, or to those that pose a threat to themselves, others, or equipment.
  • We don’t allow guests to bring their own firearms and free shoot on our range.
  • Some activities are self-guided.
  • Children must be fully potty trained to join the babysitting or children’s programs.

General Ranch Policies

  • Corkage fees will be applied if guests bring alcohol not purchased from the ranch to any area outside of their cabin and its porch. This is a $30 corkage fee and applies per bottle of wine, 750ml bottle of liquor, or 12 pack of beer.  You are welcome to request a special order to avoid the corkage fee.  We do carry an excellent selection of beer, liquor, and wine.
  • Smoking and vaping are permitted outdoors in designated areas only. If there is a fire ban in place additional smoking and vaping restrictions may apply.  Smoking is not allowed in service areas, hot tubs, while participating in activities, horseback riding or in livestock areas.  Please properly dispose of butts. 
  • Service Animals are welcome. We are aware of ADA regulations.  Emotional Support animals are not recognized as service animals and will not be permitted on the ranch.  Pets are not welcome, and access will be denied if brought onto the property.
  • There is private parking at your cabin for personal or rental vehicles. Larger vehicles or those with trailers will be directed to a general parking area.  We can arrange shuttle transport to and from the ranch.  Shuttle fees will apply.  If a shuttle is required, you must notify us in advance of at least 3 weeks.  Transportation fees range from $400 – $500 per cabin per vehicle per round trip, plus tax.  The rates vary depending on location and duration.  Our shuttles are not private, and we reserve the right to subcontract as needed. 
  • Transportation to and from off-ranch activities are not included in our package rates or typically the activity rate.  Town and off-ranch activity shuttles are not guaranteed and offered by request only.  We do suggest you have your own transportation if you wish to do many other excursions. 
  • We do recommend AWD, 4WD or a higher clearance vehicle for those driving themselves. Please call us ahead of time for updated road conditions.

Equine Specific Policies

  • There is no horseback riding on your arrival or departure days.
  • The weight limits for novice riders is 250lbs. The weight limit for advanced riders is 270lbs.  Some trails or faster rides may be restricted if at or over the weight limit. 
  • Any rider expecting to participate in advanced riding such as loping, horseback swimming, bareback riding, or other must first pass an advanced rider test. Riders are passed at the discretion of Goosewing Ranch authorized staff.
  • Novice riders may not be allowed the opportunity to attempt the advanced rider test.
  • Trail rides are restricted to those at least 6 years of age. Hand led rides around the ranch area are available to those at least 3 years of age.  These “pony rides” are not offered daily.
  • Wranglers discretion is final regarding riding ability, horse choice, trail conditions. Wranglers may not authorize all riders to participate if they feel it is unsafe.
  • Attire should be sturdy and long pants, layers, and a shoe/boot with good structure, fully enclosed and a small heel.
  • Helmets are optional and available upon request.
  • No smoking or vaping at tack room, around livestock areas, while riding.
  • We request that all riders use the mounting block to get on their horses whenever possible.
  • No shoulder or back packs while riding. Pommel bags are provided for personal items.
  • Stampede straps are required for all cowboy style hats.
  • Groups will need to ride at the level of the least experienced rider.
  • No double riding allowed.
  • No alcohol on trail ride or while participating in equine activities.
  • Guardians are required to go on the first ride with children under 16 years of age.
  • Fire arms are not permitted on horseback rides.
  • Horses are matched to guests based on the listed riders ability and body build. We are not able to accommodate all specific requests for horse type.
  • Different horses may be used for different types of riding.
  • Other restrictions may apply
  • We reserve the right to change horses, trails, programs due to weather conditions, staffing, horse health, and for unforeseen circumstances.

Booking Policies >>

Minimum Stay, Arrivals And Check-In/Out

The Goosewing Ranch offers a 3 night and 6 night
package.  Three night packages run either
Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Saturday. 
Six night packages run Sunday to Saturday.

Check-In time is 3:00 PM

Check-Out time is 11:00 AM

We are unable to accept early check-ins or late
check-outs.  Early check-ins and late
check-outs are subject to an additional service charge of $250 per person.

Occupancy is based on the number of people in the
sleeping room.

Single occupancy – available for one person in an Indian,
Mountain man, Trapper, or Cowboy cabin

Double Occupancy – available for two people in an Indian,
Mountain man, Trapper, or Cowboy cabin

Triple Occupancy – available for three people in an Indian,
Mountain man, or Cowboy cabin

Quad Occupancy – available for four people in an Indian, or
Cowboy cabin

Pioneer cabins have two rooms, and the occupancy rate is
based on the number of people per room. 
For example, it could be double plus double occupancy for 4 people, or
double plus triple or quad occupancy for 5 to 6 people staying in this
cabin.  This cabin requires a minimum of
3 people, but one would then pay the single occupancy rate. 


Children Under 3 years old are free when sharing room with
two or more people.  If not, sharing a
room with two or more people then they are free, but the other person is
charged at the single occupancy rate. 
Children under 3 are the full responsibility of guardians and not
included in the activity or babysitting programs.

Children 3 – 5 years old are reserved at full price based on
the occupancy of the room in which they reside. 
They can join age-appropriate activities and we offer babysitting twice
throughout the week.  Children must be
fully potty trained to join the babysitting program.  Babysitting is only available on Goosewing
Ranch scheduled days at set times. 
Equine activities are only available for those over 6 years of age.  See our full policies for all
restrictions.  Babysitting and kids’
programs are only available during our peak season.

Children 6 and up are reserved at full price based on the
occupancy of the room in which they reside. 
They can join age-appropriate activities, kids’ program, and the equine
program.  Children must be able to follow
wrangler/guide instruction, control their emotions and control their assigned
horse on their own.  Parents are required
to ride with their child/ren that are 12 and under for the first ride.  See our full policies for all other
restrictions.  Skeet shooting is only
available to those 16 and older.  Fly
fishing is only available to those 12 and older.  Spinner rods are available for younger
children.  See our full policies for all
other restrictions.  Kids programs are
only available during our peak season.

Rates include meals from arrival day dinner to departure day
breakfast (breakfast, lunch dinner, afternoon snack and appetizers), lodging in
cabin accommodations, bi-weekly maid service, on ranch activities, guided
horseback rides, and all ranch amenities. 
Rates are per person.

Tax And Service Charges

Online rates do not include tax or service fees.  23.18% of the total bill will be added to
cover service fees and taxes.

What is a Service Fee Charge: A service charge is a fee
collected by the ranch and reported as ranch income.  The ranch will distribute/utilize these funds
in any way it sees fit.  Service fees
will and can be used to pay employee raises, bonuses, expenses relating to
WiFi, fuel for rangers, government use fees for the National Forest and other
service-related expenses.

The service charge does not include employee
gratuity/tips.  If you wish to provide
any employee or group of employees with a gratuity, you may provide the
gratuity directly or leave it in the Ranch office and it will be distributed to
the designated employees via cash or check. 
Gratuities left on a credit card are subject to a 3% convenience fee and
will be split equally between all tipped staff. 

Acceptable forms of payment and associated fees

Wire transfers, personal or traveler’s checks are preferred
methods of payment.  We also accept all
major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express
Credit Cards.  When using a credit card
to pay for the deposit no sur charge will be added.  However, if you wish to use a credit card for
additional payments towards your balance or to pay off the balance a 3%
convenience fee will be added to the to that payment amount.  Charges that occur throughout your stay on
the ranch and paid at checkout are not subject to the convenience fee.

Deposit Required and Payment terms

A 30% deposit is required to make a reservation.  A credit card must be on file.  If multiple credit cards are used for deposit
a 3% fee will apply.

The balance is due and will be collected by the ranch 45
days prior to arrival.  A 3% credit card
fee will be added to all balances unless a check is received 45 days prior to
check in date.  If the balance remains
more than 10 days past due additional charges may apply.  Credit card fees are nonrefundable once
charged.  There are no fees associated
with wire transfers.  Please contact us
for our banking details for wire transfers. 
Please make checks Payable to Goosewing Guest Ranch and Mail to PO BOX
12649, Jackson WY 83002.

Cancellations & Travel Insurance

Deposits are non-refundable or transferable when
reservations are cancelled at or after 60 days before arrival.  If cancellation occurs less than 45 days
prior to arrival, final payment is due and non-refundable or transferable. If
cancellation is requested more than 61 days before arrival date there is a
cancellation fee of; 3% of the deposit charged plus $150 per cabin booked under
the reservation will be kept by the ranch, this is true for any reservation
cancelled at any time after the deposit is taken. Optional travel insurance is
available through a private provider with a fair rate, and strongly
recommended. For large group reservations (3 or more cabins or over $15,000)
deposits are non-refundable 90 days before arrival, unless all accommodations
can be re-booked. Cancellation fees will still apply, and general policies will
still apply.

Discount opportunities

Military discount for active-duty families will receive a
10% discount off the package rate. 
Incidentals and shuttles are full price. 
This family discount extends to immediate family only (parents, spouse,
and children) additional family and friends are full price.

First Responders, law enforcement and retired military
receive an 8% discount.  This discount
applies to immediate family living in the same household.

Employee Family discount. 
Immediate family members of currently employed staff will receive a 10%
discount on ranch packages, daily horseback rides or individual meals.  No additional discount on incidentals or
shuttles.  This applies to immediate family
members only (parents, siblings, or children). 
Additional friends and family members are full price.