Goosewing Ranch

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Homestead In The Gros Ventre

The history of Goosewing is dated in centuries.

Photos shared courtesy of the Shervin Family


Milton Robinson filed for the 160 acre homestead on the Gros Ventre River.  Milton’s brothers Ed and Butch also ranched in the Gros Ventre and all three worked in Jackson as masons.  The Milton brothers were known for their hospitality, and the Goosewing being so far out there, was a stop for many travelers.  It is known that the “latchstring was always on the outside and every traveler was welcome” at the ranch.  

“The warm hospitality of Butch and Eddie was an open byword in all of Jackson Hole.”


Before it was a dude ranch, it was a working ranch. 

Milton Robinson sells the land to Harold and Claudette Shervin.  Lifelong locals, the adventurous couple raised hay and oats that they sold to the Wyoming Department of Fish and Game.


Harold and Claudette start a hunting camp and snowmobiling business. Claudette was known for her cooking, and the couple built the lodge and 8 cabins for guests.  


The Shervin family sells the property and moves to town.


Francois Corrand purchases the Goosewing. 

 Francois grew up farming with his family in the French countryside.  He was fascinated with the French fur trappers in the americas and wanted to experience the life for himself.  

Francois, his wife and their three children lived on and ran the ranch for many years.  Francois sold the snowmobile business, and invested in establishing the Goosewing as a thriving guest ranch.  

Francois created a warm, welcoming environment where family and staff recreated together.  

Francois hired Amy Worster to manage the ranch and together they operated the Goosewing until it sold 2021. 



The Goosewing was purchased by a local Jackson Hole family.  The family seeks to honor the history of the Goosewing by keeping the property intact with its homestead neighbor, Gunsight Ranch.  

The owners bestow full trust in operations with Amy Worster and her staff.  Amy and her family have managed the ranch since 2011 and are the heart of the Goosewing.  Amy’s passion for horses and family drives today’s ranch experience. 

The Goosewing will live on for many more generations of guests to enjoy. 

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