Goosewing Ranch

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming

After a long hard day of working in the great outdoors, where Mother Nature can throw anything at you, it’s nice to have some down time with your coworkers.  The wonderful thing about being a “cowboy” – is that your coworker is also your 4 legged friend.  In the Wild West – cowboys still use horses, and working dogs to help with their livestock operations.  The best part is… your K-9 coworker doesn’t require much other than a little love, some food, and they never worry about tomorrow.

There are a number of different types of working dogs, many of which have become household pets.  These dogs have the knowledge, and ability to work stock imbedded into their DNA.  You might notice the Australian Shepherd in your neighborhood  nip at your children’s heels and chase them around…this is natural behavior for these types of dogs.  They are merely trying to “herd” the kids.

Working dogs are very high energy, and very intelligent.  They require lots of exercise and mental stimulation.  This is why ranch life is great for them.  They get all the activity needed to keep them in good health, as well as, the challenge of moving large animals.  These amazing creatures with big hearts need proper training to perfect the skills that come naturally to them.  They can be dangerous and hard to handle without boundaries and training.

At Goosewing Ranch we have a couple of, what we call nontraditional ranch dogs.  Though both are working dogs, you can also trace the heritage back to use in herding and working stock.  Ruthy is past her days of catching much of anything other than a few winks, and it is dangerous and difficult for Concho because of his size. We will leave these two ranch dogs on chiseler patrol and greeting duty.  A special thanks to all of our furry K-9 friends and partners.

Come share this corner of North America’s wildest country with us! At Goosewing Ranch, we combine the Wyoming wilderness ranching lifestyle with many of the modern refinements in life. It’s sure to be an amazing, memorable “Dude Ranch” vacation here in amazing Jackson Hole!

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